Almich & Associates has been actively involved in post-secondary education sector investment transactions for over 25 years. Our firm has provided due diligence services to assist some of the largest corporate buyers and many of the private equity firms to support the viability of the targeted acquisitions. We have also been involved in several transactions associated with the conversionĀ of non-profit educational institutions into for-profit entities. Our firm provides services to both buyers and sellers of educational institutions. We continue to be regularly involved in representing buyers in making investment decisions in the education sector.

During the past several years the U.S. Department of Education (ED) has implemented numerous regulatory changes requiring us to continue to be a leader in understanding all aspects of financial and regulatory compliance requirements.

The following is a summary of the types of due diligence services that we have provided to assist buyers in making their investment decisions:

  • Complete financial due diligence review including quality of earnings and quality of financial reporting to buyers.
  • Review of accounting policies and practices in key areas impacting financial operating results such as revenue recognition policies and analysis of bad debt expense.
  • ED 90/10 ratio compliance.
  • Financial regulatory compliance related to oversight by the ED.
  • Operational due diligence.
  • Gainful Employment compliance and disclosures.
  • Title IV Student Financial Aid compliance for institutions that are eligible to award Title IV funds on behalf of their students.
  • State Grant program participation.
  • Income tax due diligence.
  • Analysis of post-closing financial accounting impacts.
  • Financial reporting implications related to ED change of ownership reporting.
  • Review and assistance related to financial matters in definitive agreements.